Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Movie Review: Mr. Nobody - How Does a Child Make an Impossible Choice?

A 9-year-old kid with a rich imagination is faced with an impossible choice after his parents’ divorce; go with mommy, or with daddy. Choices are the main topic in this philosophical drama by Belgian director Jaco Van Dormael. How much can one single choice impact a life? Little Nemo is imagining all of them to help him make his impossible decision.

I like movies that make you think, especially if the philosophical aspect is coherent with the story. The story always has to be a writer/director’s main focus. Jaco Van Dormael succeeded in creating a masterpiece with Mr. Nobody (2009). He created a beautiful philosophical drama with elements of science-fiction and a love story. If you don’t share my love for philosophy, you can just relax and take a ride in Van Dormael’s rich and bizarre universe. From past to future, birth to death, earth to outer space, Mr. Nobody has it all.

It even has a great cast, and a fairly large one. Because of the time shifts in Mr. Nobody some characters have to be played by different actors. The main character, Nemo Nobody, has three actors: Jared Leto, Toby Regbo and Thomas Byrne. They all did a great and convincing job; the movie often feels like a dream and not just another movie. However, I specifically want to mention Toby Regbo’s performance. For he did a tremendous job as 15-year-old Nemo, along with his love interest played by Juno Temple.

The length of the movie is one of its only downsides. It tends to drag on a bit and some scenes don’t really feel like they belong there. They bring the viewer out of balance. But then again, who are we to question a child’s (or Jaco van Dormael’s) imagination?

I definitely recommend renting this one if you ever feel like escaping the Hollywood movie-formula of big explosions and cliché love affairs. Mr. Nobody will take you on a ride through a child’s mind and encourage you to think about your choices and its effect on life. Do not watch this right before bedtime, for you may find yourself lying awake thinking for a few hours after.

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