Friday, June 1, 2012

Movie Review: Iron Sky - Nazis In Space

In 1945, a group of Nazis fled the earth and hid on the dark side of the moon, preparing to invade earth. 73 years later, the first black man lands on the moon as part of Sarah Palin’s campaign to be re-elected as President of the United States. The black man, named James Washington (Christopher Kirby), gets captured by the space-Nazis, who proceed to turn him white and use his cellphone to power their warships.

If that summary left you feeling a bit confused, not sure what to think of it, fear not. I still have that same feeling, even after watching the movie. Iron Sky (2012), defies all logic and mixes a bunch of different movie genres into one weird whole. That is not to say the movie is not entertaining. It kept me very entertained to say the least. The idea of Nazis having a Star Wars-type battle in space with earth’s spaceships (oh yes, did I mention every member of the UN build some kind of space battleship in 2018?), though completely unrealistic, is still hilarious.

Iron Sky is a big, beautiful mix of every possible movie cliché a man can think of.  We have the predictable love affair between enemies followed by a change of heart of the female bad guy, an over-exaggerated final battle, a sadistic and emotionless bad guy double crossing his partner and a caricature of Sarah Palin (Stephanie Paul) as a political jab. On top of that the writer decided “hey, let’s just add in a moral at the end of the movie, maybe we’ll fool some people into taking this movie seriously”.

The movie is worth watching if you need some laughs, it’s not too long. Although I am pretty sure my IQ dropped of about 20 points after watching it. So beware of that. Most of the acting isn’t that good either. Don’t expect too much from it. Except for the character of Sarah Palin, she’s just too funny.  

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